spriteOnHover (Sprite on Hover)

spriteOnHover (Sprite on Hover) is a lightweight jQuery plugin designed to animate your sprite sheets on hover (duh).
It turns this:
sprite on hover spritesheet
Into this (hover this!):

More demo!


Download it here (0.2.5), you’ll get the plugin, examples and demos, if you need documentation, check out the plugin’s repository on github or just keep reading this post.

Simplest Usage


This will make the plugin work this the default parameters, which points to this:

$('#yourSprite').spriteOnHover({fps:30, orientation:"horizontal", rewind: true, loop: false, autostart:false;repeat:true})

The usage is just hovering the sprite, you set $('#yourSprite').spriteOnHover(); and the element '#yourSprite' will be turned into a hoverable sprite, no need to use the mouseover, mouseenter, mouseleave or hover events of jquery.

Demo & Examples

Check out the plugin demos


#yourSprite{     width: 43px; //Your sprite width 
   height: 43px; //Your sprite height 
   background: transparent url(path/to/your/spritesheet.png) 0px 0px no-repeat; //Path to your spritesheet 

Attention: The spriteOnHover jquery plugin will autodetect how many frames your sprite has, based on the orientation parameter, but it’s crucial that every frame has the exactly same size as the others. For now, multi-line sprites are not supported.

The parameters

spriteOnHover has 6 parameters:

  • fps: Integer – The frame-per-second count of your animation (Default: 30)
  • orientation: Possible values: "horizontal" or "vertical" – The orientation of your spritesheet, for now, the plugin supports only a single-orientated spritesheet, and can’t handle multidimensional sprites. (Default: "horizontal"). Example:
    • This is a horizontal spritesheet
    • This is a vertical spritesheet
    • This is a multi-line spritesheet (not supported for now)
  • rewind: Possible values: truefalse or "unanimate"- Is how your animation should work on mouseleave:
    • true: the animation will be animatedly rewinded;
    • false: the animation will stop in the last frame;
    • "unanimate": the sprite will go back straight to the first frame, with no animation
    • (Default: true)
  • loop: Possible values: true, false or "infinite"
    • false, your animation will be displayed once,
    • true, your animation will be looped
    • "infinite", after it’s started, you will get an infinitely looping animation that is no longer controlled by the hover action;
    • (default: false)
  • autostart: Possible values: true or false- Determines if your animation will autostart or only be triggered by hover.
    • true: the animation will start without a hover event
    • false: the animation will only start with on mouseover
    • (default: false)
  • repeat: Possible values: true or false
    • true: the animation will be triggered every time you hover the sprite (of course after finishing the last event)
    • false, the animation will be triggered only at the first hover action and after that will get stuck at the last frame of your animation.
    • (deafult: true);
  • TODO

    Auto-detecting sprite orientation (width or height)
    Support to multi-dimensional sprites;
    Support to integer values for the “repeat” parameters, so you can choose how many times it can be repeated
    Other things you people suggest :D


    Found any bug? Please report it on github!


    Want to help me get the TODO features faster or the plugin just solved your problem?
    Please donate <3

    Hey, I want sprite animation but I don’t want hover!

    With the spriteOnHover plugin you can set the parameters: autostart to true and loop to 'infinite' to get an infinite, non hoverable animation. If you need different or more specific animation sprite events that do not involve hovering, try Spritely, however Spritely do not work so well for hovering elements, that’s why I created spriteOnHover, because it’s an awesome alternative to Spritely when it comes to hover, mouseover, mouseleave and mouse events in general, using jQuery.


    Licenced under the DWTFYWT public license.

     DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, December 2004 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed. DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR COPYING, DISTRIBUTION AND MODIFICATION 0. You just DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO. 

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